Twickenham Rugby Club, Hampton 2014

Attendees: (78) Colin Barrell, Bob (Ted) Bates, Richard Battey, Roy Bayliss, Stephen Bell, Graham Bishop, Alan Bloxham, Alan Bloxham's guest, Mel, John Bundy, Kevin Burge, Derek Carr, Jim Carthew, Gary Chamberlin, John Chapman, Jeremy Chapman, Christa Chapman, Derek Cleveland, Graham Clifton, Peter Cox, Nick Crisp, Jim Cross, David Cushen, Mike Day, Trevor Day, Brian Deller, Geoff Dixon, John Ellis, Rick Emptage, Colin Enderby, John Free, Terry Gazzard, Don Gregory, Andrew Griffiths, Trevor Griffiths, Rob Harper, Colin Head, Paul Heatley, Geoff Hellings, Tony Hodgson, John Hopkins, Derek Huff, Peter Jeffs, Ken Kendrick, Ian MacGregor, Alan Marchbanks, David Mann, David Manson, Gareth Manson, John Masters, John Mudd, Keith Mulberry, Peter Nockolds, Paddy O'Sullivan, Ants Peters, Peter Penney, Graham Ray, Graham Reynolds, Morgan Reynolds, David Richardson (host), Grant Richardson (co-host), John Richardson, Rod Saward, Graham Smith, Brian Stamp, Des Stuckey, Terry Thomlinson,Len Timms, John Towers and his two daughters, Mike Turner, Richard Walton, Michael Webb, Brian Weeden, Walter Weg, Sylvia Weg, Mike Wilsdon, David Woods

Booked in but unable to attend: (6) David Ball, Trevor Leggett, Eddie Roberts, John Webster, Mike Wise, Colin Winger

David Richardson welcomed the assembled Shene Old Boys and their guests.   This was our 9thReunion since 2002 and just possibly our last.   Unfortunately time is catching up with us. He hoped that those  who had toured the school enjoyed their trip down Memory Lane.   In David's case he could still recall the sound of Brigden’s plimsoll.
Congratulations went to Trevor Griffiths. It was his birthday and David reflected on his possible age and considered that if he was anything like the rest of the assembly he was no youngster.    Hel also mentioned Alan Bloxham who celebrated on the 23rd and also included anyone who had had a birthday in the last 12 months to ensure that nobody felt left out of the celebrations.   Trevor Day had already raised the occasion by leading 'Happy Birthday'.
David's co-host again was his son Grant Richardson who had taken another day off from his duties with the British Army.  He had also helped David last year.   David thanked  Grant and  Dennis O’Shea and his team for looking after us so well.

The buffet lunch was excellent and a considerable amount of photos and memorabilia was on display and provided much discussion
David reminded Old Boys that they can stay informed via our Website    The address was suitably inscribed  on his sweater.   The more astute would have noticed the date discrepancy which he explained by saying that every eighteen months when the Reunion comes round he orders the updated version.   He now had about eight of them and his chums are getting heartily sick of seeing them and they are under no illusions as to his connection to Shene Old Boys.
He hoped that all present would enjoy a very pleasant interlude recalling the days that made us what we are today.