Twickenham Rugby Club, Hampton 2016

Attendees: (94) John Abbett, Roger Allingham-Mills, Brian Backers, Mike Bailey, Bob (Ted) Bates, Roy Bayliss, Graham Bishop, Geoffrey Bowyer, Peter Buckerfield, John Bundy, Kevin Burge, Derek Carr, Jim Carthew, Alex Catto, Gary Chamberlin, Jeremy Chapman, Christa Chapman, Graham Clifton, Brian Clymer, Anthony Corbett, Peter Cox, Nick Crisp, Jim Cross, Robert Currie, David Cushen, Lawrie Dale, Trevor Day, Danny Eales, Nigel Eastman, John Ellis, Rick Emptage, John Free, Terry Gazzard, Denis Geeson, Tim George, Don Gregory, Andrew Griffiths, Trevor Griffiths, Graham Hale, Colin Head, Paul Head, Tony Hodgson, Peter Jeffs, Andy Jewers, Tim Jewers, Mike Kefford, Ken Kendrick, Barry Kenna, Pat Langley, Bob Lawson, Paul Luzio, Ian MacGregor, Don MacIntyre, Alan Marchbanks, David Mann, John Masters, John Mudd, Keith Mulberry, Russell Nimmo, Peter Nockolds, John Olrog, David Osborne (Kingston), Ants Peters, Ron Piper, Graham Ray, Morgan Reynolds, David Richardson (host), Kate Roberts Richardson (co-host), John Richardson, Eddie Roberts, David Sarna, Rod Saward, Bob Seares, John (Robin) Sheen, Howard Shrimpton, Phil Shuttleworth, Graham Smith, Brian Stamp, Colin Sullivan, Terry Tomlinson, Len Timms, Mike Turner, Gordon Volke, Richard Walton, John Webster (co-host), Brian Weeden, Ian White, Max White, Anthony Williams, Mike Wilsdon, Mike Wise, Robert Wise, David Woods and Paul Wymer.

David paid tribute to Derek Carr, a stalwart of our Reunions for many years and to the late John Towers also a stalwart who had asked his daughters Laura and Jill to place a large tab behind the bar on his behalf. Alan Bloxham was unable to attend due to ill health and David wished him well and also all other Shene Old Boys who were not in the best of health.

David advised attendees of those who had passed on since our last Reunion and they were remembered with a round of applause.

Trevor Day (Trev the Rev) led Happy Birthday and nobody was missed out as David Richardson encouraged the assembly to a special rendition for anybody who was anticipating a Birthday in the next 12 months...............

Thanks were due to Kate Roberts Richardson (David's daughter) and co-host for the day and also Dennis O'Shea the club steward and his team who looked after us admirably. David also mentioned Laurie Kennison, our guide at the School that morning and on many previous occasions. He had taken our groups around the School for many years and had much enjoyed hearing from the Old Boys of days gone by.

Importantly, David introduced John Webster who will be taking over from David when familiar with the routines.

In response John made a presentation of a silver picture frame to David which was much appreciated.