Twickenham Rugby Club, Hampton 2013

Attendees: (98) Mike Bailey, David Ball, Ted (Bob) Bates, Richard Battey, Roy Bayliss, David Belsham, Graham Bishop, Alan Bloxham, Geoffrey Bowyer, Wally Browett, John Bundy, John Cant, Jim Carthew (guest), Gary Chamberlin, Christa Chapman (guest), Jeremy Chapman, Graham Clifton, Peter Cox, David Cushen, Robert Dale, Brian Deller, Rick Emptage, Paul Flavin (guest), John Free, Terry Gazzard, Tim George, Graham Glockling (guest), Don Gregory, Andrew Griffiths, Graham Hale, Rob Harper, Peter Harrison, Ken Hollway, John Hopkins, Howard Hughes, John Ingleby, Peter Jeffs, Jill Johns (guest), Mike Kefford, Ken Kendrick, Brian Lane, Trevor Leggett, Sid Lines, Alan Lloyd, Richard Long, Iain Macgregor, David Manson, Gareth Manson (guest), Alan Marchbanks, David Mann, John Masters, John Mudd, Keith Mulberry, Peter Nockolds, Eric Ollington, John Olrog, David Osborne (Kingston), Mike O'Sullivan, Ian Pardington, Ants Peters, Graham Ray, Morgan Reynolds, David Richardson (host), Grant Richardson (co-host), John Richardson, Ian Ridley, Eddie Roberts, Ruth Roebuck (guest), Chris Scott, Barry Selwood, Howard Shrimpton, Andy Shuttleworth, Richard Simms, Graham B Smith, Graham P Smith, Brian Stamp, Howard Stapleton, Phil Stringer, Tony Swain, Richard Sykes, Terry Thomlinson, Len Timms, John Towers, Pat Towers (guest), Mike Turner, Paul Turner, Gordon Volke, Richard Walton, Allan Ward, Michael Webb, Brian Weeden, Sylvia Weg (guest), Walter Weg, Ian White, Max White, David Woods, Colin Winger, Mike Wise

24 Old Boys visited the School prior to the Reunion, as in previous years and were well looked after by Laurie Kennison.

David Richardson welcomed the assembly to the eighth Shene Old Boys Reunion since 2002 and extended a special welcome to the guests. To those who were at the School in the morning, he hoped that they enjoyed their trip down Memory Lane and had now dried away the tears.

David thanked Dennis O’Shea and Dipak Sharma and their teams who looked after us well and gave a special mention to his co-host...his son Grant who had taken a day away from his duties with the British Army.

David offered a few facts regarding the day:

645 invitations were sent out by land/air or e-mail

175 responses were received and those unable to attend conveyed their very best wishes for a good day.

One could only conjecture why 470 people didn’t feel the need to respond. Interestingly, those abroad largely did.

Whichever way one looked at it, our turnout was still impressive and some had travelled considerable distances. It was good to see them and David thanked them for their effort.

David advised the assembly of those who had passed on since our last Reunion.












Ruth Roebuck was in attendance and David hoped that she was not distressed by the mentioning of Chris.

David had been asked by Radio London to talk about Shene school in a series called ‘My School’. The interviewer who was all of 38 years of age had little idea of what had gone before and it was David's job to inform him and his listeners.

The recording was played while the assembly took lunch.

Photographs of the event can be seen by double clicking this link: Unfortunately a glitch on the Photo site has prevented the Editor from describing the photos. This is being addressed..