Obituary in the Barnes & District History Society Newsletter September, 2008

Doug Hellings was a familiar figure at our Society's meetings for many years, often bringing an envelope of clippings, programmes, sports records or other items to share with members.

Doug spent his life at East Sheen, moving only once from Sutherland Gardens to The Willoughbys until his wife's health forced a move to Brook Court,   Educated at East Sheen Primary and Shene Grammar School, he was a choirboy at Mortlake Parish Church, singing at All Saints when the future Queen Mother laid the first stone in 1928.   An enthusiastic sportsman, Doug played football and cricket.   He worked his way up the career ladder from walking brewer George Mann's greyhound to become Bottling and Distribution Manager at Watney's, proud that he never missed a day's work.

Doug served with the 60th City of London HAA Regiment and escaped at Dunkirk surviving shrapnel which lodged in his helmet leaving him unconscious.   He returned to serve in Normandy and Germany. 

Family and local history became a major interest in later years and a favourite recreation was to sit outside the Prince's Head on Richmond Green ready to tell anyone who stopped his memories of the district and the history of the Green.