Taken from the School Magazine of 1947

On Thursday evening, November 13th, 1947, in the main corridor of the school, at the close of a Service of Remembrance, there was unveiled the plaque which records the names of seventy-five of our Old Boys who died on service in the war of 1939-1946. Over two hundred parents and friends were present at the ceremony. Prefects of the school and representatives of the senior forms also attended. Flowers, brought by the boys of the school helped to illuminate the improvised dais at the balcony end of the hall.

The service was conducted by an Old Boy, the Rev. F. C. Watson; Mr. Giles, Vice-Chairman of the Old Boys’ Association, read passages from the Wisdom of Solomon as a Lesson and Mr. W. R. D. Martin, secretary of the Association, read out the names on the memorial. The unveiling was done by Mr. W. G. Hale Pearce, Chairman of the Association. The hymn, ‘O, Valiant Hearts’ was sung, with the assistance of a small choir, to the piano accompaniment of Mr. D. A. Martin. Finally, the Last Post,” sounded by a bugler from Kingston Barracks, echoed its message of Hope through the corridors of the school and in the hearts of all those who had gathered to do honour to the memory of old comrades.

It was difficult for us of the school, during the service, to realise that the boys whose names are on that plaque were gone from us. We remember them at their lessons and in their games. We have little knowledge of how they fared in the world for which we helped to prepare them. But we know they faced their duty resolutely and we know they died that the rest of us might live in freedom. Let us therefore remember them as long as the bronze plaques glow softly and the graven names remind us that these men were and are our own special Old Boys. May the boys now at the school and those who, in days to come, throng the corridor, always recall why those plaques are there and resolve that when the moment of trial comes, as it does in the lives of all of us, they too may choose the Truth and the Right.



R. J. S. Ackary
P. B. Ashby
G. C. Ayres
R. J. Ayres
A. J. Baker
G. G. Barker
J. F. Bigg-Wither
 A. L. W. Bond
E. A. Brace
C. V. Brasseur
S. H. Bunch
R. E. Burgess
J. C. Cantle
M. G. Capel
R. T. Chinery
A. L. Clipson
R. G. Cole
G. L. Collins
D. M. A. Connelly
B. E. Coppin
 D. G. Corbett
J. V. Cowtan
R. W. Cox
M. E. Cumber
L. A. Day
N. W. Dorling
J. A. Dutton
J. D. Dye
W. L. Dymond
A. F. Etherington
V. Eyton-Jones
S. J. C. Groom
D. A. Harsum
K. G. Harvey
R. Heathfield
R. Herbert
P. A. Hill
K. Hoad
H. J. Huben
G. R. Humphries
D. W. G. Jones
0. A. L. Jones
H. J. Kelly
L. G. Kelly
V. S. Lacey
 L. A. Leddington
J. H. Lingwood
J. G. B. Macfarlane
S. H. Mansbridge
H. W. Matthews
E. G. Meaton
R. A. S. Mitchell
P. H. Moller
R. W. Morgan
R. H. Morgan
H. J. Naldrett
A. J. Oakley
K. B. Parker
D. M. Penny
H. E. J. Perry
J. A. Raper
R. D. C. Rich
J. W. J. Roney
B. B. Shipton
H. Slingsby
D. J. Slaughter
R. C. J. Southey
J. B. Sowerby
P. J. Stuart
F. G. R. Thomas
W. F. J. Thomson
G. A. R. Undrell
C. G. D. Walter
A. M. White
D. R. Wilson