Mark Stimpson

A note from David Richardson on 16th May, 2006.........Mark Stimpson ( the Treasurer of Shene Old Grammarians Football Club was recently in touch.

He told me about their own website which now has a link that takes it back to our own site

The Football Club is apparently the only surviving component of the old Association and membership is open to all comers. less

John Hopkins......................They still appear to play in Old Gold shirts with quite a similar badge also. A much more practical badge than in our day when I seem to remember mine was attached by poppers so that it could be removed before washing.

I recall the change from white to Old Gold, I was on the committee and may have been Club Captain I am not sure. This relative new and young intake was trying to salvage the club playing fortunes, after relegation from what I think was the Senior Division to the Intermediate. Players used to turn up wearing any old shirt that could loosely be described as white. So we thought we should try to look like a team even if we found it difficult to play like one. We were heavily influenced by the team of the moment - Wolverhampton Wanderers hence the colour which seems to have stuck. We were reasonably successful thanks mainly to not so much the strip but a certain evergreen Sid Walpole who swapped his centre half role for centre forward for a while.