London Welsh Rugby Club, Richmond 2005

Attendees (108):  Derek Arend, Raymond Argent, Bryan Austin, Bob Barr, Ivan Barwood, Leo Basten, Roy Bayliss, Graham Bishop, Alan Bloxham, Geoffrey Bowyer, Chris Buckerfield, Ted Burton, Kevin Burge, John Bundy, Brian Cann, John Cant, Derek Carr, Mike Childs, Arthur Claiden, Keith Claiden, Mike Cleeve, Derek Cleveland, Glen Cottrell, Peter Cox, David Cushen, Lawrie Dale, Chris Dann, Graham Dee, Brian Deller, John Eastmond, John Ellis, Rick Emptage, John Evans, Gerry Forse, Geoff Gibbins, Roy Grayson, Don Gregory, Trevor Griffiths, Doug Guyer, Martin Habgood, George and Margaret Hall, Peter Harrison, David Heal, Geoff Hellings, Antony Hodgson, Chris Holland, John Hopkins, Roger Houghton, Peter Jeffs, John Kaser, Ken Kendrick, Alan Kingwell, Brian Lane, John Leach, Trevor Leggett, Sid Lines, Bill Loader, David Mann, Alan Marchbanks, Tony Morris, John Mudd, David Osborne (Kingston-on-Thames), David Partridge, Mike Penney, Peter Penney, Ants Peters, Geoff Poat, Don Poynter, Harry Purchase, Graham Ray, John (Bob) Reeve, Morgan Reynolds, David Richardson, Albert John Richardson, Eddie Roberts, Peter WM Roberts, Chris Roebuck, Rod Saar, Kish Sadhvani, Denis Sealby, Richard Simms, Graham B Smith, Peter (PD) Smith, Roger D Smith, Tom Smith, Reg Spreadborough, Alan Stephens, George Stephens, Walford Stone, Bernard Storkey, Dick Strevens, Ron Summersby, Terry Thomlinson, Len Timms, John Towers, Alan Treherne, Stuart Treherne, Allan Ward, Ken Waring, Chris Watson, Michael Webb, Walter Weg, Dan White, Alan Wicks, Colin Winger, Mike Wise, Edward Woods

David Richardson hosted Reunion 2005 which commenced at noon, finishing at about 3 30pm in the first floor Vice President's Lounge of the London Welsh club house.   He was ably assisted by Roger Houghton.   This excellent accommodation was full to capacity and Old Boys supped, ate and chatted surrounded by excellent views of the playing area and the Kew Gardens pagoda.   An exhibition area  assisted the explorations into yesteryear.

As before Old Boys came from far and wide and Keith Claiden made it from New Zealand, Kish Sadhvani from Hollywood, USA and John (Bob) Reeve from Denmark.   We were also able to welcome two ex-masters, Alan Stephens and Ted Burton.