An e-mail dated 10th February, 2011 from Gareth Gregory
I am the son of Alan who was born in 1929 and I believe attended the school for his secondary education. Dad died in June 2005 having suffered from dementia for some time.

After leaving school Dad graduated from Battersea Polytechnic with a degree in engineering. Following his National Service, he joined the Post Office and amongst other things assisted in laying the telephone cables across the Atlantic ending up in Newfoundland!

He later joined the CEGB (now Nuclear Power) and worked in Paternoster Square near St Paul's. The family moved from Larches Avenue to Fetcham in the early 60's. In 1972 we moved to Cheltenham with Dad's job and he became involved in finding alternative energy sources such as wave power and district heating. Towards the end of his career he became more involved in proposals for decommissioning nuclear power stations. He was invited by the IAEA to address various conferences in Vienna and Istanbul as well as travelling on a monthly basis to Brussels.

Following his retirement he and my mother visited lifelong friends in Los Angeles where he suffered a heart attack which triggered vascular dementia.

My mother's recent funeral was attended by Peter Nockolds (I believe to be an old boy) and his mother Margaret (the widow of Fred who may also have been an old boy from the 1940's?).