Foxhills Golf Club, Ottershaw, Surrey 2002

Attendees (113): It is possible that this listing is marginally inaccurate. Many messages of greetings and support were received from those unable to attend. It is estimated that another forty Old Boys, previously committed elsewhere, would have attended.

Derek Arend, Ray Argent, David Ball, Barry Bannister, Harold Bartram, Leo Basten, David Battley, Michael Battley, Roy Bayliss, Brian Bessant, Graham (Ernie) Bishop, Alan Bloxham, Chris Buckerfield, Kevin Burge, David Catford, Gary Chamberlin, Victor Champion, Jeremy Chapman, Dennis Chisman, Arthur Claiden, Keith Claiden, Tony Clarke, Roger Cottee, Robert Cullen, John Ellis, Rick Emptage, Colin Endacott, Colin Enderby, Mick Facey, Gordon Fey, Martin Foran, Gerry Forse, Ken Franklin, Terry Gazzard, Dennis Geeson, Geoff Gibbins, Peter Godfrey, Douglas Godwin, David Hannell, Rob Harper, Pete Harrison, George Hartwright, Geoff Heaslewood, , Geoff Hellings, Syd Higgs, Alan Hillman, Antony Hodgson, Ian Hodgson, Leslie Hooper, Stuart Hooper, Mike Kefford, Brian Lane, Michael Larcombe, Trevor Leggett, Tony Leppard, Michael Lewis, David Lines, Don Libby, Bill Loader, Alan Marchbanks, Dudley Maynard, Peter Middleton, Tony Morris, Gordon Moxon, John Mudd, Peter O’Brien, John Olrog, Lionel Parker, Alan Pearson, Peter Penney, Ants Peters, Stanley Piper, Geoff Poat, Don Poynter, Roy Poynter, Colin Prower, Morgan Reynolds, David Richardson, Albert John Richardson, Eddie Roberts, Chris Roebuck, Alan Rogers, Denis Sealby, John Sealby, Peter Sealby, Norman Sheen, Denis Shephard, Richard Simms, John Simpson, Peter (PD) Smith, Tom Smith, John Snoxell, Brian Stamp, Edward Steers, Dick Strevens, Ron Summersby, Les Taverner, Paul Telling, Terry Thomlinson, Len Timms, John Towers, Alan Treherne, Stuart Treherne, Mike Turner, Rob Vaughan, Gerry Wall, Ken Waring, Derek Wellman, Alan Wicks, Colin Winger, Mike Wise,  Woods. Guest:Gerry Waring John Olrog, whose wife Anita is the current Captain of the Club (and the first Lady ever to be a Captain of a mixed members club in the UK) was instrumental in providing the excellent location for such an august gathering. Foxhills is a major complex with comprehensive fitness and accommodation facilities and is set in 44 acres of beautifully landscaped grounds. History buffs may be interested to know that the estate was originally developed by Charles James Fox, twice Foreign Secretary,and a man of great oratory who is credited with a major role in the liberalization of the British political system. Foxhills subsequently passed to Sir Thomas Borthwick a respected merchant. During World War 2, the estate was to become an ammunition store,a secret carefully kept away from the Germans. Those who have read the book 'War of the Worlds' by H.G.Wells, will doubtless recall that,the aliens landed in Ottershaw Surrey, arriving on the very first page.
At 7 pm a considerable onslaught of Old Boys arrived at our check-in desk to be labelled and sent forth to re-discover the past. If your name does not appear on the list of attendees, this will probably explain why.

David (Taffy) Richardson and helpers had already mounted a considerable collection of memorabilia and the invitation to bring along more was to reap a further rich harvest and there was much to stir the memory.

The evening was essentially one of beer and conversation, with piped background light music.   No food was provided.   The considerable space of a 1st Floor combined bar, dance floor and large restaurant facility was further supplemented by a verandah that overlooked the 18th Green. Alan Wicks and Rick Emptage were to take advantage of the accommodation, food and free golf, not cheap…but on an occasional basis, well worth the outlay.
Some people were to travel long distances to attend but nobody could surpass Keith Claiden who made it all the way from New Zealand…….

The evening was to close at 11 pm but, without doubt, could have gone on much longer.   Unanimous opinion was that this was an extremely enjoyable event, certainly to be repeated. A further reunion is planned for Friday 26th March, 2004 a time of the year that we hope will enable us to re-unite with those unable to be at the first gathering